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Download Snitter

Snitter is a Twitter application which is based on Adobe AIR. This software can work in both Mac OSX as well as Windows. This software mainly brightens the areas of communication you can make that is a chirp.

This software updates and refreshes the tweet list. It allows you to view the last time a request was proceeded to update. It displays the topmost twenty updates in your profile page. You can view your latest twenty communications with your mates or followers. You can also check out the newest twenty direct messages. The message can link you into the message sender’s profile page. You can look into your friend list by searching. You can use the user’s Twitter username or real name for the search. Same can be done with the followers list. You have easy access to every feature through keyboard as it has keyboard shortcuts. You can include a tab for favorites and set tweets that can be sent only to them.  New features include audible alerts whenever you receive new tweets.

Other features are that this software will keep in mind the window resolution opened before and can be kept as a shortcut in the system tray. It also allows auto entrance so that you do not have to always check in with your ID and password. Updates of this software will also be displayed to you whenever a new version is released.

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