Single Stream for Windows 8

Download Single Stream for Windows 8

Single Stream is a fabulous application software developed for windows and other operating systems. It is one of the widely used application software from the store of Windows applications. This software let you to explore the social networking site Tumblr like you have never done before. Exploring Tumblr with this amazing tool becomes more exciting and creative. It is a tool which does enormous but useful tasks. It collects all the pictures from the different blogs and arranges them in tiles form.

The pictures downloaded by it can be seen with different designed portrait frames. Various inbuilt portrait frames are available in this software which can be indulge with the photos to give them a drastic new look. It facilitates the user to search for the link of any blog, photos of similar types etc. by using windows integrated search. It suggests various possible searches for the search keyword. Now finding people on Tumblr have become very easy and accurate. You can search them by even their photos also.

Its save images tool option saves all photos in your local folder. All these saved images can be viewed anytime and anywhere from our local system. You can set your favourite image as lock screen wallpaper or as a profile picture in your tumblr account. It uses semantic zoom features to zoom in and out any images to see them in enlarged form. You need not go for using any other application for making them big or small size to see them. It is a powerful tool for using any social networking site like Tumblr. It saves all images, blogs, and comments, in the categorised folder. It also facilitates to sort the thing date wise, size wise, category wise, etc. It overcomes the requirement of internet connection all the time also for going through blogs and images.