Seesmic Desktop Air
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Download Seesmic Desktop Air

Facebook and twitter are the two most popular social networking sites. These sites give you the power to communicate with any part of the world. So if you want to access more than one account of yours then here is the software known as the Seesmic desktop. You can simultaneously access as many accounts you wish.

This software is based on the Adobe application. It receives all the updates and messages from all your profiles and displays in a single column. It provides you with three columns. These are preset. But if you want to have only one column, you can simply change the settings. Normally the other two columns are for the straight cut messages and other messages. But you can merge them together. This software allows you to look out for anything from the built in search tab and it also has a text tab in which you can directly enter your text update. The software efficiently manages the preliminaries of twitter like posting text messages, answering to received messages, publishing photographs as well as compressing links. For Facebook, you can comment to any update or even like it. If you are the creator of a fan page then you can even control it through this software. You can create a list for favorites. There you can save your important message. You can also block any one or even stop following someone. There are two more attractive features. You can directly post any text simultaneously into both Facebook and Twitter. You will also receive notification as they will buzz at the corner of your system window. But these are limited for certain categories like text messages and so.

This software does not allow accessing accounts of other social networking sites. Apart from this, it also does not have the option to change the theme of the software’s window. Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 are compatible with this software.



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