My Artist Promo Incoming Friends

Download My Artist Promo Incoming Friends

If you are into MySpace social networking site you might face problems in receiving friend request. Sometimes your friend request may be shown as spam report or similar troubles. Here we have internet software known as the My Artist Promo Incoming Friends which will help you to get rid of this problem.

You will get unlimited friend requests in your profile once you install and apply this software to your use. Apart from receiving requests, you will also be able to send friend request to your hearts content without any spam reports or verification like CAPTCHA. It will only demand for your valuable time and network traffic. Every time every friend request you send after installation of this wonderful internet software, will be accomplished within a single click. You will also be receiving many friend requests. The range will lie between 100 to about 1000 which is a very big number. This is done by the autopilot tool. This software also allows you to create your friends auditory. All you have to do is click in some desired area. This software also has a feature to advertise you on MySpace. So this will lead to your popularity and people will be attracted towards your profile. So once they are attracted, obviously it will result in increasing you sales. One more feature of this software is you can cancel your choice just after you have allowed it to work. So even after going for a change, you have the power to undo it.

All you will be requiring is Microsoft .NET Framework or newer version of it. You will need a storage space of about 2.2 MB. The operating systems which are capable of supporting this software are Windows 2000, XP as well as Vista.