MINE for Facebook for Windows 8

Download MINE for Facebook for Windows 8

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites. Mine is a Facebook client. It is designed so as to display the Facebook posts in the way you want to view. You can pre plan the view of your posts. This is not a permanent step, so you can always view your and other’s profile in the classic Facebook view.

You will be able to view your account, wall posts, your updates, shared links, photographs, videos and so on. Apart from viewing you profile the way you wish, you can also peep into your friends’ timeline and view their shared posts. You can also manipulate a post by commenting on it and so on. You can copy videos or status from other pages or links if they allow and support sharing. You do not have to open your Facebook account from the conventional page as you will receive notifications all in your Windows opening screen. You can even search anything on Facebook like a person or a page directly from Windows.

This software is designed so as to make it compatible with Windows 8. Once you install this software you can design your profile the way you always wished to see it.