Little Black Book

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Social networking sites are a very important part of any man’s life. It allows you to learn more about your local fellows and also allows you to connect yourself internationally. If you want to have a collection of all your face book friends’ information all together, you should install this social networking software called the Little Black Book. So this is your portable and compact address storing book. It allows you to manage contacts, personal favorites with email address.

This amazing software allows you to have countless number of information. You can know about your friends’ favorite movies, authors, books, actors, TV shows and many more to make up this list. All at a time you can view their uploaded status all together. If you have friends who play games on face book and if they share their achievements in the specific game, you can also view those games and get a glance at the scores. You can also browse through all your friends’ statistics regarding any field like a collage. The statistics can be about how many friends they have added till date. It automatically counts the number of statuses they have posted .Moreover it provides the facility to find the number of friends you have as well as total number of posts in their wall. You can even alter the count of their posts in wall by directly posting anything you wish to onto their wall.

If you have international friends, this software allows you with an extra feature. You can find out their location. Apart from this you need not calculate yourself to find out the time over there as this software automatically gives you the time update of that particular location. As this social networking software, you must have Windows XP, Vista or 7 to run this internet software.