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In this monotonous and boring life a bit of fun is a necessity for most of us. Global Chat and Games is fun software that you will definitely enjoy. This powerful software makes your online life a lot more relaxed. This free social networking software which is new and fast growing is an ideal global platform for you to make new friends on the internet.

This family friendly online software is also high on the list when it comes to online multi-player gaming. Games like spades, backgammon, and chess are some of the multi-player games which are in high demand. Another popular form of entertainment in this site is the interactive programs that are present on the software. You can play contests like the singing contest; name the tune and take part in the quiz or the game contests to amuse yourself.

A special feature of the software is the amount of privacy the software provides you with. You can create special chat rooms for yourself which can be easily password protected so that your conversation is in no risk of being leaked out. You can take help of audio, video and emoticons to express your feelings to your dear and near ones. The software has an amazing feature where there is a chat room especially for young people and teens. In this chat room adults are strictly prohibited.The software helps you maintain your own buddy list which exclusively helps you to maintain a track on your friends and their online activities. This amazing global chat and game place also provides you technical help at no cost so that you enjoy your online activities without any hesitation.

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