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Download FriendFitter

FriendFitter is a twitter application which helps in making friends in large numbers. It gives advanced features to twitter which makes twitter more interesting. It helps us in searching and following various people. It is the quick and secure methods to find friends online. It uses various keywords for searching people. It has made the task easy to find people on the twitter.  It is add-on software of the twitter which takes care of our friends.  It stores all the details of the people in its database. Its searching tool is very powerful which is capable to find the exact person who matches the details of searching criteria.

FriendFitter build a large followers list in your twitter account and follow them automatically. Large number of friends is generally beneficial for marketing purposes. If we have large number of followers then the publicity of the product or information can be circulated in large people. It also helps when we have to send any information for revolutionary change. FriendFitter can be used to communicate people on large number of scale to get their reviews for polling purposes.

FriendFitter searches every phrase, every link, and every text available on the twitter and carry out the list of the friends. You can add large number of acquaintances by just feeding small details about them. It increases web traffic in your twitter account. The instant boost in the number of friends will help in increase in the rank rating of your account. It is simple and small software which can be installed in either mobile phones or any version of windows. It is open software which works with twitter account without changing the settings of your twitter account. It enhances the applicability and accountability of your twitter account by having significant followers and subscribers.

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