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Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites which are created over the idea of instant and short messaging. If you are in twitter and want to increase the number of your followers, the social networking software known as the friend fitter which does so without any manual handling. You will have a chance to even become a twitter celebrity if you want to showcase your skills. This has an automatic friend adder tool which adds more and more number of friends in an orderly basis.

There is also an automatic follow tool. This tool is designed to increase the number of your followers in twitters very safely by providing keywords, common friends and such fields on this social networking site. All you have to do is to classify your friend wants in a specific topic or area and its auto follow keyword increases your friend circle day by day. So as your circle expands obviously more people will come to know you and your follower’s number will also increase to a myriad. Overall friend fitter software gives you the power over twitter, a reputation and more authority which extends to web site traffic. Friend fitter has a very easy to apply user interface. You have to just enter keywords and change them when you wish to. You will also be displayed instantly with fellow twitter users who are just like you and with a single click your friend list expands.

For best results it is advisable to add your profile picture as well as bio data in the desired field. This will prove your identity to be genuine which will make people more confident about you. This windows software allows operating system like windows7,8  as well as Vista to provide a platform for running this software.

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