Download FreeWish

Social networking sites are one of the amazing creations of these days. You can turn your whole computer or notebook into social networking sites. By doing so, it will reduce your harassment in uploading any of your personal data. This can be achieved by software known as the FreeWish. This social networking software will convert your whole system into a social networking website like Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace.

This software after being installed into your respective system, it allows you to broadcast and showcase your personal data. It can be any thing like your photo, document, video, bookmark, and any kind of link in order to complete the list. This can also be done by logging into your account or profile. But only this software allows you to publish all you want in bulk quantity within a short span. You can access them and even share them over the internet if you care to. This software also helps bloggers to host them as well as send friend requests to your friends who want to start blogging. So your personal diary or journal now becomes like a forum. You can also decide about your privacy. Whoever you want can or cannot view your data. So this is very applicable software who work as a team where sharing is very important.

To load any kind of data all you have to do is to specify the location and the contents you want to publish. Then all you have to do is click the start button and automatically publishing will be done into your website or account. The interface for websites directory browsing and content management is very easy to understand and it is completely web based. Experienced users can combine their own pages and templates to explain about the css elements in a page.