Disintegrator Quitter

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Twitter clients provide more features than that are available in the original website of twitter.com. This program often displays multiple columns giving them a different focus. Disintegrator Quitter is a Twitter client. It does not let other clients to know about its presence. It only lets some clients with which it will be working to know about its existence. The work it does is highly efficient.It basically works under the command window which is also known as the DOS window. Once you install this software, you will not find any installer or any unnecessary shortcut pinned to the start menu. So no extra space consumption wastes the memory. It will run from a solid data storage device called the thumb drive or flash drive. The information is never lost as this drive preserves information without constant power supply.

The software is stored into an EXE file. The memory consumption of this file is as small as 105k. The settings of the software are stored onto another small file known as the XML file. The feature called the search allows you to search anything in twitter according to the specific terms you want. You can search by name or utility of any such field. There is another tool called the read mention tool which enables you with the knowledge of any person who is talking about you on twitter. You can also see that person.

This social networking software needs windows operating system to provide a base to work. Windows 2000, 2003, XP as well as Vista are capable to support this software. You will also be requiring Microsoft .NET framework 2.0.