4K Stogram

Download 4K Stogram

4K stogram is an Instagram client. This client allows you to store all those photos on Instagram which are shared with the public. This software allows you to download the pictures to your system but restricts you from any customization. You cannot comment, like or share through this application.

The most important interface of this application comprises of essential as well as minimal features. This application has a search tab at the top of the screen which allows you to search for users of Instagram from within. All it consumes is minimum time duration so as to search the user and arrange each and every photograph from the front end. The pictures all by itself is stored into your “my pictures” folder. Every time you choose a different user, photographs of them are stored in the same folder under different sub folders in their respective name. After downloading the pictures you can start viewing them just by a click. The respective picture will open in your default photo viewer. The photographs downloaded are in commonly used resolution. The resolution is not the best but is pretty good enough for sharing over the net.

Once you install this software, you will find it easy to work with. But it has limited features. Operating system like Windows XP, Vista as well as 7 is capable of running this software.