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Communication tools are getting extensively popular these days. Due to growing use of internet and mobile phones, people have started staying in touch with friends, family, business contacts all day using various modes of communication. Short Messaging Service is one such mode which is preferred by most of us for communicating with our near and dear ones staying anywhere around the world. One can hardly imagine a day without SMS facility today. It serves as an easy and quick way of exchanging messages with anybody and is cheap too.

One of the SMS utilities recommended for frequent SMS users is ZapitSMS. With this tool, you will find text messaging easier than ever before. SMSing from the computer is made possible with the features this program offers you. It comes with a user friendly interface that makes it simple to use. Now communicating with your staff, colleagues, friends and family is so easy and inexpensive. You will not have to look for your mobile phone and type on the tiny keyboard once you have this tool on your windows PC.

The program serves you with sending and receiving messages directly from your computer. Sending text messages to any number of people at the same time is a matter of a single click. You can also receive messages directly on your computer. You can also use spreadsheet to send bulk messages to the contacts. One can even create templates to avoid typing the frequently used message again and again. Just select the template and the recipients and you are done. The program also integrates seamlessly with Outlook for the contact numbers. The perfect SMS tool for anybody looking for a SMS sending solution.

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