Download TextMessagePLUS

Do you want to get rid of looking for the cell phone each time you want to SMS somebody or receive a message? Tired of typing on the tiny keypad of your mobile device? If you are looking for a solution to these issues, TextMessagePLUS is the perfect choice for you. It is one of those SMS utilities that are designed to enable you send and receive text messages directly from your desktop without having to grab your phone when you are working.

With this simple tool that is intended to serve as an inexpensive way of SMSing, you can send message to any mobile number around the world. Sending messages to all your contacts simultaneously is easy and quick now. Just one click to send out invitations, alerts and notifications to all your friends, clients or colleagues at the same time. Use it for sending personal messages or for enhancing your business by sending out offers, job alerts, discounts and product launches to your customers. Any organization dealing with a list of people would find this program absolutely helpful.

With a support for all service operators, you need not worry about the service the recipient is using. You can store your contact numbers within the program and whenever you want to send out bulk messages, you just have to select the recipients and type the message. You can also import the numbers from other applications. Not only this, one can even group the contacts into categories to make selection of recipients easier. It also saves the messages for you. The perfect SMS tool for anybody!