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Today, you find a variety of tools that are designed for enabling you to send SMS messages from PC using a GSM phone or modem connected to the system. All of them possess their own talents and features and suit the needs of different users. For those who are looking for such a tool, there is a range of choices available in the market.

One of those is SMSList that comes with all the basic functions a standard SMS software would have. It is a simple program aimed at sending text messages through PC to cell phones anywhere around the world. With this tool, you can send messages to individual recipients or list of contacts, as per your requirement. The most useful feature of this program is its seamless integration with other applications and systems. It is possible to import and export SMS and contacts using Excel or CSV file formats. You also get the facility of SMS delivery receipt.

The program supports long messages and flash messages too. It is also possible to send SMS using command line. Scheduling of SMS is also available with this tool so that one can plan periodic sending of messages to predefined contacts. With the tool, you get a phonebook that can contain all your contacts and they can even be imported. The program interface being simple and straightforward makes it more usable. Whether you are looking for a SMS tool for personal use or business processes, this one is capable of serving you the way you want. Use it for advertising, mobile marketing, customer relationship management or anything else that would make your life easier.

Free to try, this software utility is a must have for anybody!

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