Download SMS XL

If you are in need of a smart tool that can help you with text messaging for your personal and corporate use, try this all new plug-in for Microsoft Excel. Unlike other standalone programs that offer you bulk messaging capability from your computer, this tool works directly from your Excel to serve you with the same functionality in the most effective way. It enables you to send out text messages to mobile phones and pagers right from MS Excel.

The plugin is best suited for corporate marketing utility. To use it, you just have to import your contacts to Excel spreadsheet and create a template for your message. The rest is taken care of by the program. It very quickly and efficiently adds the text message to each of the phone number in the data list and sends the same message to each of them in no time. With its fast and accurate working, it stands as the most effective solution to bulk messaging. The perfect way to contact a huge number of people simultaneously. The other thing is that you do not need to learn a new application. Bulk messaging is possible with the program you use daily and are familiar with.

Being very light weight and simple to install, this plug in serves as the most easy way to cater your bulk messaging needs. Send out promotions, invitations, offers or alerts in no time to unlimited contacts using this tool. Make your business easier than ever before with SMS XL today!