Download SMS-Sendor

SMS tools are in demand nowadays. You find a variety of software applications with different functions and features that cater the needs of different individuals. There are a large number of options available in market for applications that help you send SMS messages to pagers and mobile phones using your computer. This is possible through the operators offering email gateways for SMS. One of such tools is SMS-Sendor that offers you all the basic functions of a SMS tool along with some extraordinary features.

Designed to serve the purpose of sending text messages to mobile phone numbers around the world, the tool comes with the ability to send bulk messages to a list of contacts that you can select from the built in phonebook that it maintains for you. Another feature is the message templates that make sending messages easier and quicker. You can also create templates for the messages you would like to send frequently. One can also save most used phrases in the message to save time and effort.

Not only text, the program even supports sending ringtones, games, pictures and other content easily to any mobile phone. The program is very fast and promises the least time for message sending. Now you have a very effective and fast solution to unlimited SMS sending through PC. Get it free right here for you to try!