SMS Cute

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SMS Cute is a convenient tool designed to facilitate SMS service on your desktop. Supporting all popular mobile phones, it lets you connect your cell phone to your computer and use it to send and receive text messages. It is intended to offer you the best way of managing, sending and receiving SMS messages right on your system. Now you can get rid of typing on the mobile keypads.

The most important feature this program offers is the customization and configuration options. One can connect the phone via USB, bluetooth and serial ports equally well and can also set port number, data rate and time out for the connection. In addition to sending and receiving messages, the program can help you with managing the messages by giving you options to move them between folders and exporting them. It can also extract phone numbers from the incoming messages and store them or export as vCards.

The program interface is straightforward and simple so that any type of user would find it equally easy to operate. Its working resembles Microsoft Outlook and access to all its functions is quick and easy. One would not need to spend time learning to use it. It supports all Windows platforms. If you are looking for a good SMS software, this one is the perfect choice!