Headwind SMS Communicator

Download Headwind SMS Communicator

Looking for a tool that can enable your computer to send and receive SMS messages? Here is the perfect solution! Headwind SMS Communicator is an effective and easy way to enhance your desktop with this facility. The program is simple yet powerful and works like any other SMS tool by connecting a GSM phone or modem to the computer and using it to send and receive text messages using your computer. The program is tiny and resides in your system tray so that you can have an easy and quick access to it. Now you can send out a text message to any mobile number around the world in a single click. Receiving the replies is equally simple.

Use the program to send out birthday invitations to all your contacts at the same time using your own number without having to type on the tiny keypad of the phone. The program supports Push messages and long messages too. You receive a notification for all incoming messages. Moreover, the program lets you use multiple languages supported by Unicode. The important thing about the tool is that it is capable of configuring your modem or phone and find the best suited mode of operation for messaging. Thus you can use any model of phone or modem very easily. It even offers you with a error handling function that makes it easier to use.

Use it for chatting with friends or for sending out bulk messages to the list of contacts you store on the address book of the program. Everything is so simple with this effective tool intended to serve as the best SMS program available today!