Group Text Messenger

Download Group Text Messenger

Group Text Messenger is one of the powerful SMS utilities on the market. This software is very useful when it comes to sending group texts to many individuals. It also offers you the possibility of using it easily, as it has an user-friendly interface.

With Group Text Messenger, it never had been more simple to send a message or more to each of your contacts. Using this software, you will be able to send up to 160 characters inside your text and also to keep a track of the messages that you have sent. This way, you will never forget whom you sent the last text. Group Text Messenger can be run on every type of Windows, including Windows Vista and it is also compatible with other Windows operating systems.

To install Group Text Messenger, you only have to create an account with your username and a chosen password. But there is more: you can also send individual texts to a certain contact, not only group texts. After your message is received, you will get a report, so that you can have a constant track of your texts.