Fluid SMS Gateway

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Fluid SMS Gateway is a powerful gateway for two way SMSing. It is designed to make sending and receiving SMS messages possible like email messages. More than a stand alone application, it works well in integration with other tools. One can create web applications with this tool that will enable the users to view the messages they send and receive using any browser. The program uses the SMTP protocol for the service it offers to the third party programs.

The program provides ease of monitoring the incoming and outgoing messages from a centralized location through log files. The other important and useful feature is the ease with sending messages. It is as easy as sending emails and it works with any type of email system for sending and receiving messages. The transmission logs can be filtered by different criteria like date, recipient, sender, etc. so that one can easily look for specific information. The program supports Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL databases for the log files.

One can also have his own profile with the tool and it even lets you customize the messages the way you want. Formatting of composed messages is also possible with this tool. With web based applications using this utility, the administrator can grant access rights to different users for viewing the messages. All these and more make the program one of the strong options for SMS tools suitable for anybody. Get it for free to try right here. It would surely impress you with its amazing features!