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Adobe Flash player is without doubt the well known and most widely used container for any media file used over the internet applications. It is estimated that roughly 75% of all online videos are Flash based. We do come across this player many times in a day of our browsing life.  Such is its wide spread usage and functionality. In times, many users never feel the direct usage of flash players as it works mostly in the background of the browsers. In today’s video enhanced new sites, it is unimaginable to read and view the news / social sites without the Flash player.

It is very important to know that this tool as such is a container and it uses other standard and familiar codec’s for its performance. The container is just a holder of the file and the codec decides how the file is stored and processed in the player. This player uses standard codec’s such as Sorensen Spark, H.264, and On2 VP6. The selection of codec by the players plays a very important part in the quality and efficiency of the video content played. This application has improved up on its selection and usage of the codec’s according to the content, expected outputs like 2D and 3D, the expected quality and the speed or performance. The latest version of the player shows a big leap in its performance over its previous versions. This version exploits the features available in 64-bit processors and the friendly OS features available in Windows, Linux, and Mac.

The player has taken note of the importance of its integration with the browsers. The latest version of this player has better integration with the JavaScript consoles of the browsers. But there are headaches too as performance and quality increases. There are many instances of the utility not responding, especially in Chrome browsers. There are some known bugs identified and patches are expected to be on the way.

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