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NetSurveyor Professional is a wireless networking utility. It provides information about the wireless network a user is logged on to. It tries to overcome the problem of slow speeds faced by users of a wireless network. It provides real-time data on the throughput rates, charting and connection breaks.

The software detects all the access points within a radius. It displays their signal strengths and the number of channels they are serving. This data helps an user optimize his network performance by choosing the network with minimum load. The software can be used to place a wireless router in a position where it can deliver maximum performance. This is done based on the beacon strength data transmitted at each position.

The software generates reports of its findings. It can export the charts it draws as XML files which can be viewed later. The help and documentation section offers a comprehensive explanation of theoretical throughput rates and practical throughput rates. Online support is provided too. The software cannot be customized except to establish a yardstick to measure throughput rates. This is perhaps the only disadvantage of the software. Overall it is a perfect software for generating performance metrics of a wireless network and enabling users to optimize their experience.

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