Download Meraki WiFi Stumbler

Meraki WiFi Stumbler is a troubleshooting tool launched by Meraki, which is one of the leading brand in producing wireless products. For those who do not know, Meraki WiFi Stumbler is loaded with Java applet, and that it works like a network trouble shooter via browser. All the tools including the interface is pretty easy to be handled. Its interface is divided into three sections.

The upper part comprises of bar graph, which basically shows the access points from a wireless network. The second part is the search field, which enables one to look for a specific network having trouble, with the type encryption that is, WEP, WPA, etc, or through the manufacturer of the access point. The last section of the interface shows the list of the available wireless networks in the neighbouring area. All these networks are displayed by SSID, Mac Address, Radio Type, Channel and also by the manufacturer’s name.

The best part about Meraki WiFi Stumbler is that it also works in an offline mode, which ensures safety, and get hold of the network causing trouble to the connection. In order to know more about this product, one can log on to their official website, or can also call the customer care in case of any concern.

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