PP MailCheck

Download PP MailCheck

With this amazing software you can handle all the mails on your POP3 server with ease. PP MailCheck installed on your system you can easily manage and handle your mails right from the server. PP MailCheck allows you not just to manage your mails but also to preview it and delete it if you feel that the mails are not of any importance to you. The mails that you do not wish to download using your default mail client can easily be deleted straight from the server making your work a lot easier. This will save not only time but also system space of the user.

PP MailCheck also allows the user to return mails. The user can easily choose to return a mail after previewing it. It is possible that sometimes you are not sure about a mail that you may have received. You can quite simply replay the mail using PP MailCheck. The most unique feature of this software is that if the user wants he can insert details about the mail that you have received. This gives PP MailCheck and edge over all the other similar software.  PP MailCheck can also be used to send out simple mails.

The user interface of PP MailCheck is simple, intuitive and very clear. This means that novices and experts can use it with equal ease. It is lightweight and does not take up unnecessary space on your computer. This software will make keeping track of your emails much easier and also saves time of the user. It is cost effective and compatible with all the Operating Systems of Windows. PP MailCheck however requires the user to have at least Internet Explorer version above. Thus using PP MailCheck you can preview, send, delete or return any mail right from the server.