MaX Compression Desktop

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This software has the power to automatically unzip and also zip attachments in Microsoft exchange. This action of zipping and unzipping files is invisible. MaX Compression Desktop unzips and zips files within Microsoft Outlook and also Microsoft Exchange. This software was designed specifically with the entrepreneur in mind. Within an enterprise MaX Compression Desktop has the ability to zip and unzip files no matter what the source and/or the destination. This whole action is carried out on the basis of a set of rules that are set or created by the system administrator. So within the enterprise no matter where the email comes from or goes to MaX Compression Desktop will unzip/zip the file automatically.

This is an efficient and effective way of ring fencing the system of email within the enterprise. MaX Compression Desktop acts at all the points of access and makes sure that the emails always travel and/or are stored in only the most efficient of ways and the most efficient state. It can zip and unzip attachments with any client Outlook Web Access (OWA) or Outlook and OWA5.5 and also OWA2000. It now comes with enhancements, which integrate MC Desktop in to MC Enterprise. MaX Compression Desktop can easily co exist with Compression Gateway and also Compression Server.

The user interface of MaX Compression Desktop is very user friendly and intuitive. It is easily installed and does not require complicated setup procedures. The user can easily install this software and make his life much easier. This software is lightweight and does not take up too much unnecessary space on your computer. It is compatible with all the operating systems of windows like Windows 98, XP, ME, NT, 2000, Vista, Windows 7 and the latest Windows 8, also thus available to a wide range of users. It is swift, quick and makes the life of the user much more organized and easy.