Mailing List Wizard

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This software was designed to help process and convert your mailing lists. Using this software the user can easily manage their mailing lists, edit, convert and also process the mailing list. Mailing List Wizard can easily exclude addresses that have duplicates in your mailing lists this means that your mailing list will no longer be unnecessarily long. Mailing List Wizard also has a unique algorithm using which it can automatically correct misspelled email addresses this means that your emails will no longer be failed to be delivered. The user can also use Mailing List Wizard to filter their mailing lists by setting various criteria.

Mailing List Wizard is also programmed to merge two different mailing lists. The user can also make certain exclusions from their mailing lists by creating an additional address list. Other features include the ability to supplement the mailing list with the names of the email address owner. This can be done using the information from other lists which Mailing List Wizard uses. Names of the address owners can also be deleted from your mailing lists using Mailing List Wizard, this way unwanted and unnecessary emails can be gotten rid of. This software comes with the combined features of more than one program used for mail processing.

So using Mailing List Wizard the user can concatenate two different mailing lists, remove duplicate emails from the mailing list, exclude emails from the mailing list, correct the syntax of the emails in your mailing list, sort the email ids in your mailing list and also filter emails. The software is easily installed and makes life of the user much easier. You can handle your mailing list with a lot of ease if you have Mailing List Wizard. It is also compatible with all the Windows Operating Systems like Windows 98, XP, ME, NT, Vista, 2000, Windows 7 and windows 8.