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The power and efficacy of Mailgun is undenable. You even know the same as Mailgun by Rackspace. This is an immensely powerful series of APIs and with this, you can send receive and track emails in your particular application or website. In case you are a Rackspace Cloud customer, you are sure to receive a Mailgun account at the earliest. In the process you can send 50,000 emails for free every month. The facility was really quite workable and lucrative, when using Mailgun for sending marketing and transactional emails.

Once you are sending things via Mailgun, you even have the facility of tracking those. In this way you can keep a check on the emails and information being sent. Mailgun has some of the most powerful routes. Thus processing of the emails is no way a problem with this mechanism. With the kind of tool, you even have the feasibility of posting incoming emails straight to the application.

Once you are a Mailgun customer, you will get an account automatically. With the account you can send and receive mails fast without any hindrance. The routes are precise and effective and this helps you handle client mails with best expertise. In fact, this is a real technicality you can boast of.

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