Download Mail Attachment Downloader

As the name suggests Mail Attachment Downloader is a very easy tool by which all the files attached in the message of the sender can be downloaded easily in your email account. This tool is compatible with those users having a Windows 7 operating system. TheMail Attachment Downloader can be used for all kinds of email, that is, gmail, Hotmail  yahoo mail and also via the POP/IMAP accounts, though the servers address is required to be entered in the POP/IMAP accounts. The files can also be filtered by way of their size and the type of file and along with that you can download only those files with specific keywords in any field of the message.

The Mail Attachment Downloader is a user friendly tool. You can glance through the configuration tabs on the program’s interface and provide your own settings and when you are done with it click the Connect and Download button. After clicking the Connect and Download button, the computer can download all the files to a specified location. This tool is quick and efficient in its actions as everything can be done at a faster time span. Although this tool does not require any documentation, it is still very easy to understand and also works smoothly without any hassles.

This tool contains basic and advanced filters. It enables to support for scheduling downloads. Their use can be made for all kinds of widely used emails in the world like the gmail, Hotmail  yahoo mail, etc. The disadvantage this tool faces is that it does not provide any documentation by means of which the user can read about the tool in case of any difficulty or at places were users require any guidance to further understand its other wide uses.

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