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Download ExpireIt

This is a software that has been designed to get rid of unwanted mails. It will work alongside your primary email account and help the user to create any number of disposable email addresses. The user can generate and then later get rid of email addresses with equal ease.  The email addresses that are generated will be delivered directly to the user. This is a great way to participate in online contests and also for various other emails that may clutter up your primary email account uselessly. All kinds of emails that you may need but they interfere with the actual important mail in your primary inbox can be forwarded to the emails created using ExpireIt.

The application ExpireIt will not only let you generate these emails but will also let you keep a track of these email ids. You can expire them any time that you cease needing them. Thus you can use this great software to generate, keep track of and expire them at your convenience. These emails that you expire can also be renewed with equal ease later if need should arise again. This means that any online contest, newsgroups, online orders, message boards or any other email that you want to receive and yet keep separate from your primary email account you can now send to these email addresses generated by ExpireIt.

The software ExpireIt is easy to use and user friendly, novices and experts can use it with equal ease. It is very easily installed and does not need elaborate setup processes. The best part is that this software will allow you to generate the first five disposable email addresses for free. The following email addresses can be obtained for minimally costing packages. The user can set any date for the expiration of the email address while creating it.

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