Download dMailer2000

This is a newsletter software with two in one functions. dMailer not only validates email addresses for the user but also works as a bulk mailer. This software is extremely efficient and time saving. This software is ideal for users in the business field as they need to send out bulk emails to clients and customers. Using dMailer the user can customize the emails that he/she wants to send out. Not only can dMailer be used to send customized emails to various people in bulk but also to send other things like business notices etc. It saves time on the part of the user and helps him to reach out to a large group of people.

Essential information needed by customers or employees; CRM or even newsletters for that matter can be sent out by users using dMailer. This software can also be used for Internet Marketing Purposes which is so popular in present times. This software will mean that your customers will remain up to date with all the company policies etc. just with the click of a button. The great added bonus of using dMailer is that it is programmed to detect bad email addresses that are such a common phenomenon in most mailing lists.

dMailer detects these bad email addresses from the mailing list and automatically deletes them. dMailer also provides the user with a long and detailed list of the entire process of delivering. It also reports to the user any kind of error. dMailer has the unique ability of detecting up to 90% of the email addresses which are “dead” in your address list. It provides a list with all the details and useful logs for each and every email sent. The installation of this software is easy and the user interface simple and easy to use.