Attachment Extractor for Outlook Express
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Download Attachment Extractor for Outlook Express

Outlook Express Attachment Extractor is a simple, advanced and exceptional tool, which helps the user to easily and quickly extract files that are attached to multiple different outlook express emails. It is a smart and easy to use tool for the user. Using this outstanding application, it is possible to automatically process a large number of different messages without the assistance or help of any external manual interference. The outlook express attachment extractor functions as a simple, single window interface, which has the ability to display the local folders of outlook express and also the messages stored within them. It is possible for the user to process all the messages simultaneously at the same time, or to process particular selected messages depending on the senders, receivers, and subject of the mail, content of the body or other details of the email.

This software tool also allows the user to select all attachment files in the email and process them, or to select only particular image files or files with specified extensions, and then conveniently process them according to the choice of the user. The processed files can be suitably sorted in a single folder, in different folders, or in user defined folders depending on the senders, receivers, dates of the email, subject, and body content etc. The size of the attachment files can also be reduced and altered depending upon the users will.

Thus the size of the mail boxes is suitably reduced and these results in the functioning of the outlook express extractor being much more stable, fast and efficient as compared to the initial state. Attached files, which have been removed from the emails, are saved in a separate folder in the users hard disk, and can be viewed as shortcuts in the main mail message. The most important feature of this software is that the mail or messages can also be sorted by the user according to the date or time of the received or sent emails and messages.

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