ActiveTracker for Outlook Express
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Download ActiveTracker for Outlook Express

ActiveTracker for Outlook Express is an add-on utility designed and developed by ReadNotify, to enhance the features available with the Outlook express. By implementing this tool, Outlook express adds a new button to the existing compose email screen providing you additional twelve features with your emails. The new features added by the implementation of this tool includes complete email tracking, details on when our email gets opened, period by which it gets read, the physical location  of the reader, print status of the email you have sent, whether the email gets forwarded or published online, etc.

Apart from these basic fundamental activities, many other actions such as the web links clicked from the email you have sent, the number of times the email has been opened are also traced and tracked. The utility provides court admissible proof of posting, delivering and reading of the emails. It provides timestamp that cannot be altered. It can also generate email certificates, which are digitally signed so as to ensure non repudiation.  Some other features different from the above mentioned are self destructing an email after some preset time of opening,  disabling print option on the mail you send, disabling copy, print screen, forward, etc.

The tool also allows you to delete an email, even after you have posted it. It also allows you to set password for the email send, along with the email encryption and decryption options. The password and crypto options are based on strong crypto logics. This tool operates completely in a silent manner without easy detection. It is available as a free to try version and come with a very moderate cost. It is operational on all flavors of Windows operating systems. This utility with so much amazing features is certainly worth its moderate cost.

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