Hasha Video Chat
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Download Hasha Video Chat

Online Chat application is the amazing means to communicate with our remote friends and family members. Chatting online have various attracting features like it is cost effective, visualization is possible, real time conversation etc. Hasha Video Chat is a chat application which takes very less time in installation as well as in connecting. It is standing ahead in the series of other chat applications in terms of features. It is easy to install and simple to use. Its various menus and function helps the new user to be guided by him. Hasha Video Chat is an online chat tool to facilitate user to chat with their friends. It facilitates smooth conversation while chatting.

Hasha Video Chat is open software and does not require any plug in or supporting software to run. By simply logging in to this software you can call any person for online chatting. There are many levels in this software like sleep mode, busy mode, available mode etc. to enable the other people to know about your status. Every status has different color of light which gives a nice look to it. You can send other characters also like smiley and images etc. You can write small description about your friends and load their images also.

Hasha Video Chat has various commercial uses. It can be used to arrange video conference in any organisation or to conduct online meeting with employees. We can add contacts list into it with whom we may want to chat in future. Adding of contacts of all your friends will bring the opportunity for you to see them online.  You can also send request to your friends for inviting them to come for online chat.  Many people can chat simultaneously. It provides smooth synchronization in simultaneous chatting.

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