Zinoko Web Browser for Children

Download Zinoko Web Browser for Children

In such a technological age studying with internet has become the most important and useful source of education. Using internet services by children has been proved troublesome to parents. Many times parents seems to be worrying about their children whether they should allow their children to surf internet or not in their absence. In what way they can monitor best, what sites their kids are surfing. The answer of all these questions is lying in the use of one and only software called Zinoko Web Browser for Children. This software is very useful when it comes to decide what sites we want to see by our kids.

Zinoko Web Browser for Children is a web browser like any other browsers e.g. internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc but Zinoko Web Browser has some added features which make it little ahead from others. In this browser we can block unwanted adult sites, keywords, videos, etc. This browser will trace all the restricted keywords and do not open those sites whose link consists of those words. Further the browser will also not allow downloading any .exe file which makes your PC or laptop unsafe from any virus or malware. This browser sends data on your email as what sites is being surfed or viewed on this browser by your children. This browser does not allow any third party to delete history of the browser. Only the administrator can see or delete the history of the browser. This way after coming from work you can see the list of browsing history and will know what your children did in your absence.

Zinoko Web Browser has many GUI interface menu options by which you can bookmark your frequently visited websites. You can add your favorite websites in favorite option. Therefore in the form of Zinoko Web Browser for Children you can gift your children a new means of study in the form internet.