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This software is a quick and easy to use designing tool that has unique features that will help you to design. It is fast and compact apart from being easy to use. It can also be used for 3D file visualization, to view mark ups and for dimensioning and modeling. ThreeDify Designer has been created from the very beginning as a dual mode program. Because of this unique feature it can be embedded with just about any COM container. These include any Microsoft office application like PowerPoint, Excel or Word and also Internet Explorer. This is a feature that makes ThreeDify Designer so unique.

ThreeDify Designer also has options that support both software and hardware models to be rendered. The user can redo and/or undo any number of times thus making it user friendly. What is even better about ThreeDify Designer is that it supports more than forty 3D file formats and more than thirty image formats. Some of the features of ThreeDify Designer include the ability of 3D mesh healing, true 3D perspective - correct zooming, 3D and also 2D texts, Polygon offset, 3D profile generation. Also ThreeDify Designer has Indoor view and CAD modes, local face or vertex editing, user – defined panes for view clipping.

The other very distinguishing features of ThreeDify Designer are that it supports materials like diffuse, ambient, specular, emissive, normal, height, shininess, vertex displacement, opacity and ambient occlusion. Multi textures and shaders are also supported which is inclusive of bump mapping and or parallax mapping, per pixel lighting effects and also vertex displacement mappings. There are also a variety of other 3D objections, creation and /or editing tools and also other powerful tools for markup are available. It is easy to use and install. This is user friendly, saves time and also the quality of the output is great.

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