Download STEP Import for Sketch Up

It is very hard to imagine a project only through the sketch and drawing. One needs to feel the visual effect to visualize the mechanism in real life. Thus to make it possible SYCODE software development authority presents STEP Import for Sketch Up. It was first launched in the year of 2009, January. The experts believe that it is one of the best software present in its class.

The software is a complete action centre loaded with all the latest and advance tools and operators. It allows the user to describe any project in a better way with visualization. Thus it is selected in the Graphic Design software group and CAD software sub-category. The basic principle of this software is based on a very advance and simple algorithm. For this reason it presents a great simplicity in operating the software. This fact leads the STEP Import for Sketch Up to a great position in all the operating system. From windows XP, windows vista to windows 7, 8 supports this software. And what’s more is that it can work independently on its own without the help of others. It only requires about software called sketch up and 12 Mb of hard disc space to imply itself.

STEP Import for Sketch Up presents a vast domain of working area with its vibrant range of working. One can visualize with solid figures through the help of this software. It can extract the files from a STEP file and use it. STEP file contains all the important data about the design and drawing about the project in a most popular CAD or CAM type systems. It assists the user to produce the geometric sculpture though the help of the software and register them in the STEP up utility. Solids and surface are two most important components of this file. Experts believe that one day it will be considered as one of the most important software in this class.

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