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There is a big difference between a formal representation of any project and informal private way. The big industries or working firms always welcomes the formal way of representation of any desired project. Now to make it happen with great perfection, on would definitely require RasterImage Printer. This software converts the normal word file in to official JPEG, PDF or TIFF file format for the better purpose.

The software was first launched in the market by Peernut software development authority in the year of 2013, February. The working fundamentals of this software are very simple and transparent. It converts the normal rough file in official file formats for working purpose. Thus its operation is divided in two different modes. One is for the technical purpose, which backs the software portion of the program. And the other is the utility part, which is mainly because of the organizing of files and handling them. For this reason, Raster Image Printer is categorized in the graphic design software category and CAD software sub-category. With it, the major part is that it is supported by every windows operating system. Starting from windows XP, windows vista to the latest windows 7 and 8 all comes in this list. And guess what, it doesn’t even require any other software backup for its existence; it is self-supportive enough to manage itself. It only requires about 12 MB of hard disc space to fit in the computer.

Raster Image Printer produces such properties that other doesn’t even believes in. It converts normal rough files in official TIFF, JPEG, PDF and many other types of files in no time. It endorses the following file formats with great ease and comfort. And else, it can be also used as printing software too, where it can print up to 1200 pages in a single time. Raster Image Printer is really a software with multi-purpose usage.

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