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Digital photographs are great things. They carry the sweetest memories in a way which becomes easy to share with friends, families and relatives. Play With Pictures is a software that helps all the users to create many types of objects with the most beautiful digital photographs. In one word, the software gives the freedom to play with the digital photos in the way exactly a user wants.

This software has the capability to create beautiful calendars, e-cards, invitation cards and a lot other similar things to use the best photos in a professional as well as a useful way. The software has an easy drag and drop user interface and that too with copy, paste functionalities that helps in adding photos to the interface seamlessly. It has a complete set of toolbox to edit the photos so that they can be used in the way to create the object a user wants. The user can also add customized background images and background colors to make the creation more innovative.

Play With Pictures is designed in a way so that the users do not need any technical knowledge to use the software. Moreover the software has support for all the running versions of Windows like Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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