Download Picture Collage Maker Pro

Picture Collage Maker Pro is an easy to use windows OS based application that helps even a novice to computer to create beautiful collages from simple photos. Just by few steps of choosing various environments, the user can convert their photos in to not only collages, but also as scrapbooks, personalized invitations, attractive posters,  personalized calendars, and graceful greeting cards. Though this application has ‘collage’ in its name, it is more than a collage-making software and has multipurpose usage.

The main advantage of using this application over other standard photography software is that this is quite simple when compared to photo editing software. The tool can be easily handled by both seasoned collage makers as well as those who have good imagination, but have no idea on how to implement their imagination over some software tools. In just minutes, a user can create a collage out of their photos. This tool is very fast and efficient. The library of professionally drawn templates available in this tool provides the end user the option to utilize the wide variety of layouts and backgrounds for their collage. These simple steps transform the plain photos in to a picturesque collage which can be easily shared with friends and relatives to revive the precious memories.

The latest version of this software adds another 26 templates in to its already existing collection. The provision to print the files, save as image files, or share via emails directly though the application are added features of the software. This software is compatible with all OS versions of Windows. This requires moderate system resources when compared to many other tools in this photo editing field. The options to personalize the outputs make it interesting and thrilling. The calendar and greeting cards section are the most sought out areas in today’s ‘personalized’ world.

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