Download Pic Stitch Collage Maker for PC Windows

Pic Stitch Collage Maker for PC Windows can be the ideal choice for all those android users who are looking for an app that will enable them to make collages in an easy manner. This tool comes with an integrated image editor capable of catering to all the basic editing requirements, in addition to enabling creation of the most beautiful collages from wonderful pictures. In fact, users of this tool get to select from a collection of more than 50 grids to create collages with varying number of pictures embedded in them.

Pic Stitch Collage Maker for PC Windows allows its users to select any of the girds and aspect ratio, which are available in the form of 1:1, 4:3, 3:4, and 3:2. Users can add photos into this app directly from their photo gallery with simple tapping gestures. The selected photos open directly in the Image Editor, which provides the users with the convenience of performing any editing action they deem necessary before making the collage.

Users can rotate, move, or resize the photos that appear inside their chosen grid. They can then add the background color, and proceed towards saving their collage, which they can share through Facebook, Instagram, etc. Get this excellent app at bluestack app player.

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