Download Image Editor for PC Windows

Image Editor for PC Windows is an extremely powerful image-editing app, which is bound to satisfy all the requirements of android users with utmost ease and convenience. This tool is efficient enough for handling multiple projects or tabs at the same time, which is a welcome quality while handling heavy-duty editing assignments. Moreover, this tool proves to be more than capable in handling multiple layers, and even actions during editing of images, which goes to show its utility for carrying out extensive photo editing projects.

Image Editor for PC Windows allows its users to perform all the basic editing functions such as copy, paste, delete, or move with utmost ease. Moreover, users can perform several advanced canvas or layer manipulations such as cropping or resizing of the pictures with e    qual ease. In addition to that, users can utilize its formidable capabilities for drawing shapes, or adding brush drawing effects to their images.

This tool further allows its users to toy with various aspects of their images such as brightness, contrast, and saturation levels for adjusting them as per requirements. Finally, users can undo or redo the effects at all times, and can save any set of actions for reapplying them later. This highly useful editing tool is available at bluestack emulator.

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