eCover Constructor
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eCover Constructor, as is obvious from its name, is a software utility that is intended to help users create covers for their CDs or DVDs, eBooks, and Software Boxes. A simple and straightforward utility that promises to perform the function it promises; this utility promises to create covers in any shape or dimension, size or angle. You can create customized covers for your media based on your specific requirements.

The interface is simple and clean and the tools are intuitive. Therefore, irrespective of your expertise level, using the tool should be easy and hassle free. You can check out the tool using its free trial version. However, the output comes with a watermark image. Compared to several other media cover creation utilities, this tool is regarded as the more economical one. Although it does not offer much high-end features; it promises to deliver on its promises of fulfilling its intended task with ease. And this makes it worth the investment.

One major limitation pointed out by several users is the constant rotating that can be irritating and distracting while using the tool. However, for those users who are looking for a simple and easy solution for making CD or DVD covers or eBook covers; this tool promises to be a good choice. The tool is supported in Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, Me, and XP systems.

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