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With excellent batch processing features, Akvis MakeUp allows the user to edit hundreds of pictures at a time. This photo retouching software is especially meant for portraits. The 36 preset adjustments and 17 customization settings lets you spend hours fiddling with photos, adjusting skin tone of the images, tweaking image coloring and more. The small square that appears over the image gives a preview of how this square can be adjusted in preferences. There are also ‘Before’ and ‘After’ tabs, which help you toggle back and forth between images prior to retouching and after retouching.

Akvis MakeUp is a simple photo editing software with tons to offer. You may simply edit one photo out of the batch and save the changes as a preset and then apply that preset to an entire folder of images. In a matter of seconds, you would see that the entire photo shoot is touched up. Akvis MakeUp can detect faces automatically and complete the edits on its own while you take care of other important business. The software consists of a history brush that removes the effect from unwanted areas of the picture as well.

Akvis MakeUp does a great job helping the users overcome the learning curve and get used to the software’s retouching features. The software includes an informative user manual and various tutorials, all of which would help you know the basics of the software and its enhancement features. Hence, from now onward, whenever you have the need to edit a particular photo, make sure that you opt for Akvis MakeUp.

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