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Supported in Windows 7, XP, and Vista systems; Adobe Photoshop is a purchase-only software application that claims to offer the ability to create and edit images, including 2D and 3D images, photos, illustrations, etc. Designed and developed by Adobe Systems, this tool claims to be a revolutionary software utility that offers the ability to redefine the very aspect of digital editing and imaging with its complex tools and powerful functionalities. You can use this tool to create complex images, near realistic paintings, and also for reviving images, pictures, photos, and paintings with its retouching functions.

Some of the prominent options offered by this tool are removal of noise, creating vignettes, sharpening images, adding grains, correcting any distortions that were created by the lens, and ability to create HDR images. Another significant feature offered by this tool is its ability to implement raw file conversion. When it comes to creating paintings, the tool offers the ability to create near realistic paintings with its textured brush stroke feature and its on-canvas color blending functions. You can also execute several graphic-editing functions on images or photos to create different effects such as warping, stretching, sharpening, distorting, etc. The tool also offers the option to selectively edit specific parts of an image to enable enhancement or refinement.

3D tools are one of its other most significant components that make this utility a good choice for users who regularly create 3D art. You can use this tool to convert your 2D images to 3D and also implement other edits to modify your images. The mechanism for creating 3D textures is also enhanced with the intent of reducing workflow. Some of the other prominent features in this regard are shadow capturing, sourcing light on complex models, and enhanced ability with regards to ray tracing.

Performance is another aspect where the latest version of Photoshop scores. The tool claims to offers a faster processing rate ensuring that the application, as well as files opens faster. You no longer have to wait for your TIFF, PSD, or other types of raw image files to open up. Being a photo and image editing software, this tool is resource intensive. However, if your system meets the basic requirements, the tool guarantees to offer optimal performance. This tool is basically intended as an ideal tool for professionals engaged in photo and image editing. It is not really intended for casual or personal use, and its price tag clearly indicates whom its target users are!

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