Download 3D eBook Shot

Designed and developed by an entity known as Jellypie Software, 3D eBook Shot is a graphic tool that will help you design the cover of your eBook. This tool claims to execute such an excellent finish to your requirements that it claims to be an amazing and original sales tool as well!  This tool claims to be distinctive from other eBook cover maker tools because besides allowing you to create images that are intended as the cover for your eBook, this tool also allow you to create thumbnails of these bigger images.

Thus, you can use these thumbnails as the click able link that leads users to the original size cover image of your eBook. Thus, if you intelligently use this tool to create the cover of your eBook; the well thought out design, in it, can be your best sales promotional tactic as well. You sales message can very well be conveyed to your target clientele and this will help you achieve enhanced sales with regards to your eBook.

The publishers believe that a quality cover image is the reflection of the quality offered by the eBook and there is no better tool to attract customers and enhance your sales rates. You can check out the tool using its free trial version, which comes with a watermark in its output. This tool can be implemented in all Windows based systems such as Windows 98, 2000, 7, 8, NT, Me, XP, and Vista versions.

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