Download OBJ Import for Pro Engineer

OBJ, file extension .obj is a wave front for pro/Engineer to import plug-in for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire. With this software you can get geometric data imported in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire from an OBJ file. It has the program to store date of polygon count and other model mesh details for re-create and modify models. The mesh or polygon count data saved in a format of OBJ file consists of a set of quad or triangular faces. The file size is also reduced.

Users can easily import an OBJ file in any 3D modeling software like Z-BRUSH or MAYA. OBJ Import for Pro/ENGINEER creates planar surfaces which is trimmed for each quadrilateral or triangular surface and creates a body by holding them together. Once the polygonal mesh is closed (i.e. without any boundary edges) the OBJ Import for Pro/ENGINEER creates a feature with closed body or else you will find an open surfaced feature.

OBJ Import for Pro/ENGINEER is very handy to use. You can easily import geometrical data from any .obj file. This function is easily available with this software. The other software does not give you the opportunity to create a submenu. The software is so user friendly that every buyer is recommending it.

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