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Visualization provides a great improvization in case of presenting a new design. The visual effects provide an extra aid towards our mind that helps a lot in understanding the value and exact structure of a mechanism. Thus to make it simple, we presents LumentRT a complete co-operate software with various advance modifications and tools.

The software LumenRT assists the user to represent the geometrical drawing in a schematic visual medium with all the correct and fixed data given. The software is trained to provide some extra advantage in case of self-demonstration too. For all this advantage it is selected in the Graphics Design software category and CAD software sub-category. The software was first published in the market about August, 2012 by the e-on software development authority. Since then it has created a huge impact in all the computer user mentality. The simplicity and user function given to this software always forwards a great benefit to all the windows operating systems. From windows XP, windows vista to windows 7 and to the latest windows 8 also supports LumenRT. And what’s more, one can run the program easily without the help of any other software kit. It only requires about Google sketch-up, nVidiaGeforce 8800+ or ATI Radeon 4000+ computer graphics card and to support all that a 2 GB of RAM. Else it would only take 1.31 GB of hard disc space to imply itself.

LumenRT provides a wide range of its vibrant applications that gives it a spot of bother. It gives the user a live demonstration of the project. It gives the idea of how the project would look like in the given design and what are the problems will be faced and all. One can also enjoy the 3D effect in its computer while using this software. LumenRT is one of the most advance software available in the market today.


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