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JPSViewer is a very basic image viewer function that helps you to open and see 3D picture images with ease. JPSViewer lets you open 3D images with higher resolution by clicking on any 3D JPS file format. The simplest and easiest interface that has been provided with this freeware is immensely responsive and fun to use even for those who have minimal level of computer literacy.

JPSViewer provides supports for a large variant of 3D viewing glasses such as the all of H3D and X3D LC shutter glasses along with the all anaglyph glasses that are currently available in the market for viewing 3D images or movies.  In case you choose to buy a LC shutter glass; then normal interleaved LC shutter glass or reversed interleaved shutter glasses are being supported by this software.

Whatever kind of glass you chose to use for viewing the 3d images, the colourization of the picture you are viewing will completely change depending upon the chosen characteristics from this software control panel. This software consists of basic viewing and zoom-related functions like any other common image viewer function. But the main difference is that this particular software has a wide range of functions sets in case of opening 3D images which makes it a stand out product.

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