Home and Landscape Design Premium
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Download Home and Landscape Design Premium

Home & Landscape Design Premium is a home design software that helps the user design their home and view it in different modes like 3D, dollhouse, aerial and final view. It allows the user to make the home’s floor plan and also design the exterior, interior and landscaping of the house. The highlight of the software is the QuickStart tool. This tool helps build a floor plan of the house without the user building the house wall by wall. The user can drag and drop the room overview and when it is final, the user can add furniture, doors, cabinets and other add-ons to the layout.

The program offers various tools to the user for designing. It enables the user to add curved walls to the floor plan; it also allows the addition of electrical and plumbing plans to the house. The user can easily customize the colour schemes of the house with the QuickPalletes feature. The program also offers a large variety of objects to decorate your house on the software. It also has a plant library to help landscape designing.

Home & Landscape Design Premium comes with a lot of help and support options for the user. There is an attached user manual with the software in addition to FAQs on the product website. Email and telephone assistance is also available for the product. Overall, this software is an effective home design program.

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